Why is it that MCAZ officers are only worried about Pharmacies and never prosecute people selling medicines in the street?

The MCAZ is equally concerned about the illicit importation, and sale of medicines on the parallel market, including medicines being sold on the street.

The MCAZ carries out blits in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), and works with the ZRP and National Prosecuting Authority in prosecuting perpetrators. We carry out capacity building exercises which involve the training of our stakeholders on a regular basis. We also have a dedicated enforcement team which moves around the country. To date numerous arrests have been made of persons dealing in unregistered medicines and selling from unapproved premises, of both licensed and unlicensed person. 

The MCAZ‘s primary concern is protecting public health by ensuring that the medicines that are available to the Zimbabwean public are safe, efficacious and of good quality, and that these are supplied by authorized persons and from approved premises. The sale of medicines on the street is a threat to our mandate as an Authority and we would like to reassure the Zimbabwean public that it is an area of concern to us. As MCAZ, we are putting resources to deal with this matter. In the meantime, we encourage all to acquire medicines from premises with valid licences.