Who can import medicines?

Please follow the MCAZ website link below to obtain information on persons and institutions allowed to import medicines and the applicable guidelines;

        1. Import and export guidelines click here
        2. SI 57 of 2008-Import and Export Regulations click here 

Please note that any pharmacist, veterinary surgeon, dental practitioner, medical practitioner or any other person approved by the authority may import into Zimbabwe any medicine only for the purpose of resale from authorized premises to their clientele

What are the requirements for importing medicines?

Please follow the MCAZ website links below to download the application form and the regulations for import and export of medicines;

        1. Application forms : click here
        2. Regulations : click here

All applications shall be accompanied by an application fee as stated in the current fee schedule and a verification fee of 0.05% of the Cost Insurance and Freight value (CIF) shall be paid for each consignment before it can be cleared for sale.

Importation of Unregistered Medicines

Institutions that may apply for importation of unregistered medicines under the provisions of Section 75 of MASCA include individuals, hospitals, clinics and non-governmental organizations. This applies when a need arises for a certain medicine which they know to be of  clinical significance but is unavailable in the country. This can be for named patients or  for hospital use. For institutions, the application should be written on the letterhead of the institution stating the unregistered medicine(s), the quantity to be imported, strength of the medicine, dosage form, and manufacturer of the medicine and the name of the importer. For individuals, applicants should complete application form LEF17. To download it click here.

Additional provisions for importation of medicines are provided in circular 23 of 2022

Importation of Precursor Substances

Hydrochloric acid and Sulphuric acid substances are some of the substances referred to as precursor substances and they are subject to international and national control. Follow the MCAZ website links below to download the application form and the regulations for import and export of precursors and related substances;

      1. Application form – click here (Contact
      2. Regulations-click here(Contact

Complete the application form and attach the proforma invoice from the supplier of the substance. Refer to the current fee schedule for the relevant fees. The applicant will be required to pay 1% CIF value of the consignment upon importation of the consignment.

Importation of Narcotics

Narcotics (morphine, pethidine, etc.) and psychotropic substances (methylphenidate, midazolam, etc.) substances are internationally controlled. An applicant is required to apply for licences for the importation or exportation of any of these substances. Upon importation or exportation, the applicant is also required to notify the Authority of the dates of importation or exportation, in writing. In the event that licences expire before their use, these should be returned to the Authority. The application forms are available on the MCAZ website and can be downloaded from the Downloads link;

            (DD4; DD5; MC10a; MC10b) (Contact

Importation of Donations

It is important to note that authorization is granted prior to the dispatch of the consignment from the country of origin and not upon arrival at the port of entry. Upon arrival in Zimbabwe, the medicinal consignment will be verified through physical examination by regulatory officers from the MCAZ.