Enhanced surveillance for adverse events following immunization during the 2019 typhoid conjugate vaccine campaign in Harare, Zimbabwe
Size: 729KB
Data Driven vigiPoint Identification Study of Adverse Event Reporting Patterns for Zimbabwe Reports in VigiBase WHO Global Database of Individual Case Safety Reports for Medicines and Vaccines
Size: 937KB
Descriptive research study of AEFIs Surveillance in Zimbabwe CCRS Journal 2023 Volume 2 Issue 1
Published: March 29, 2023
Medicines Bulletin August 2022
Size: 1134KB
Published: September 21, 2022
Medicines Information Bulletin 2022
Size: 2000KB
MCAZ-Clinical Trials Training Manual September 2019
Size: 278KB
Size: 485KB
Size: 521KB
Medicines Information Bulletin 2018
Size: 2096KB
Medicines Information Bulletin 2020
Size: 1097 KB
Medicines Information Bulletin 2021
Size: 7914KB
Size: 1024KB
MCAZ-Clinical Trials RCORE Brochure September 2019
Size: 580KB
Comparison of ADR Profiles in Patients on ARVs and AntiTB Treatment in Zimbabwe
Published: November 25, 2021
Medicines Information Bulletin – July 2020
Published: November 25, 2021

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