Size: 622KB
MCAZ-PVCT-GL-04-Rev-1-February 2022 Guidelines for Clinical Trial Application and Authorization in Zimbabwe
Size: 2MB
Published: March 22, 2022
MCAZ PVCT GL-05 Rev 2_February 2022 Guideline for Good Clinical Practice
Published: March 10, 2022
GL03-Rev-0_May-2021-Guideline for Pharmacovigilance of COVID-19 Vaccine AEFI Safety Surveillance
Published: February 17, 2022
Size: 504KB
Circular 16 of 2021 – Use of Ivermectin human oral formulations for prevention and or treatment of COVID 19
Size: 62KB
Zimbabwe National Pharmacovigilance Policy Handbook
Size: 5,786KB
Published: December 4, 2021
Pharmacy guidelines for investigational medical products Version 1 June 2020
Size: 487KB
Published: December 4, 2021
e-PV External User Manual Revision 0_June 2020
Size: 315KB
Published: December 4, 2021
Guidelines for the Notification of Medicinal Product Problem or Defect and Recall Procedure
Size: 735KB
Published: December 4, 2021
e-CTR Registry System External User manual Rev 0_June 2020
Size: 453KB
Published: December 4, 2021
Adverse Events Following Immunization Surveillance Guidelines 3rd Edition
Size: 17,911KB
Published: December 4, 2021