Circular 02 of 2023- Renewal of Premises and Persons Licences
Size: 511
Circular 01 of 2023- Renewal of Permits and Persons licences for Wholesale dealers, Sales Representative and Pharmacy Technicians
Size: 539KB
Circular 24 of 2022- Importation of Medicines
Size: 894KB
Circular 23 of 2022- Importation of Medicines
Size: 1024BK
MCAZ Circular 20 of 2022 CBD products clarification
Size: 604KB
Invitation to stakeholders meetings
Size: 254KB
Circular 19 of 2022 – Fees Schedule
Size: 645KB
Published: September 19, 2022
Circular 16 of 2022 Publication of Cancelled Wholesale Dealers’ Permit, Premises and Persons’ Licences.
Size: 2MB
Size: 156MB
Published: July 25, 2022
Circular 13 of 2022 Pharmacovigilance system requirements for Pharmaceutical Industry
Size: 289KB

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