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The guideline detailing licensing unit processes is obtainable through the following link 

Requirements for a Premises and Persons Licence

Follow the links below to download the application forms and check lists from the MCAZ website;

  1. Persons Issues and Renewals:
    1. Issue of Persons License
    2. Renewal of Persons License
  2. Premises Issues and Renwals (Retail Pharmacies, Manufacturers, Dispensing Doctors, Industrial Clinics):
    1. Issue of Premises License
    2. Renewal of Premises License
  3. Wholesale Dealers Permit (Pharmacist, Pharmtech):
    1. Issue of Persons Permit
    2. Renewal of Persons Permit
  4. Production of Cannabis click here
  5. Veterinary Medicines General Dealers Permit (VMGD) click here
  6. Confirmation of Supervision
    1. Phamarcy
    2. Wholesale
  7. Checklist for documents required click here

Note that all matters pertaining to fulfilment of the requirements of the application should be resolved within sixty (60) days of submitting an application. Failure to resolve any outstanding issues within the stipulated time will result in the application being closed. Should the applicant wish to pursue the matter after the stipulated sixty (60) day period, a new application will have to be submitted.

Licensing Guidelines

  1. Guidelines for industrial and dispending clinics click here
  2. Good Wholesaling guidelines click here
  3. Zimbabwe Guideline for Good Wholesaling Practice of Medical Products click here
  4. Guidelines on operating a VMGD outlet click here

New Premises Inspections

These are inspections conducted to assess compliance of a new premises to applicable legislation and guidelines upon receipt of an application for a premises licence. The premises subjected to initial inspections are wholesalers, industrial clinics, retail pharmacies, dispensing medical practitioners and manufacturers. The requirements are detailed in the checklists obtainable through the following links:

  1. Wholesale click here
  2. Industrial clinic click here
  3. Retail Pharmacy click here
  4. Dispensing Medical Practitioner click here

Requirement for pharmacists who obtained their qualifications outside the country

For registration for the forensic pharmacy examination you will be required to submit a copy of your academic transcript to the Authority and to make a payment for the examination fee. The fee is currently ($115 inclusive of VAT). Upon payment you will receive reading material which you will use in preparation for the examination. A letter containing the results will be written to the Pharmacists Council of Zimbabwe. This letter will be used as part of the basis of your registration in Zimbabwe.


Forensic pharmacy is the study of the law regarding medicines in pharmacy practice. In Zimbabwe we have the Medicines and Allied Substances Control Act (Chapter 15:03) and Dangerous Drugs Act (Chapter 15:02). These acts have accompanying regulations. Please follow the links below to download the Acts and the regulations;

  1. MASCA and Regulations click here for Act   click here for regulations
  2. DDA and Regulations click here for Act click here for regulations

Medical Practitioners who wish to apply for a dispensing licence will be required to sit for forensic pharmacy examination.

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